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Our collection is available and verified on the TOFU NFT Marketplace! Grab your grimace today and become an exclusive member in our community.

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Our Metaverse preview!


Immerse yourself in our metaverse as Grimace. Purchase NFTs, get jobs, explore our world and live your life! Scroll down for the preview of our metaverse!

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GrimaceCoin includes a variety of utilities for investors to use. Some involve bringing passive income to holders with projects such as the In-House staking.

  • The bridge will allow users to buy $Grimace on the CRO and ETH blockchains, quickly allowing investors from all areas of crypto to join the family.

  • The bridge allows holders to STAKE onto the bridge, providing passive income.

Bridge Offline
  • The swap allows users to buy and sell $Grimace directly from the website!

  • Our in-house staking platform will allow other crypto projects to stake on our website. This fee will pass directly as passive income to GRIMACE holders!

Coming Soon


Grimace Run

Collect as many Grimace coins as you can and get some cool skins! Try to climb the leaderboard to show everyone who the boss is! Are you ready for the challenge?

Grimace Run Available Now!

We've partnered with the biggest PC gaming platform to deliver our game to you!

The Grimace Family

Welcome to GrimaceCoin, the official coin mentioned by Elon Musk And Mcdonald's! What started as a meme has blossomed into a full on powerhouse in the crypto space, encompassing an ETH+CRO Bridge, an in-house staking platform, NFTS, OperationBigMac charity works, games, and the Metaverse.
Passive income is a big part of our upcoming utilities and projects!


Lead Developer

Developer of Grimace

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Vanish GFX

Art Director

Defi Ninja Perfectionist executes and only distributes quality work of all things graphics & websites.

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Marketing Advisor

Frontman helps determine the next marketing move

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Media Operations Director

Multiple hobby enthusiast who has entered into the crypto space, and grown into a multi-angle social media team director.

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Operations Director

Extensive experience in event management, pos systems, vendor relations, business acumen, inventory/order analysis, internal communications, and a keen eye for talent.

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Chinese Communications Manager

Head of the Asian Marketing & Community

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Assistant Chinese Communications

Watches over the Chinese community with investor questions and concerns.

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Security Director

Handles all security for the Grimace smart contract. Such as the Certik Audit.

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About Us

​Grimace Coin is a fan project about McDonald's popular character and icon "Grimace." The GrimaceCoin project offers a connection to a video characterized symbol that is recognized worldwide. We aim to create friendly interaction between multi-billion dollar companies with global influence, further expanding cryptocurrency development and acceptance.

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Let’s talk about our Tokenomics


Total Amount Of Tokens Available


6% Liquidity
6% Marketing

What are the taxes for?

Every trade contributes towards auto-generating liquidity that goes into multiple pools used by exchanges.

Every trade also contributes to our marketing wallet, always staying on top with promotions, use cases, and more!


Across the Grimace family, we have many talented artists and creatives pushing the boundaries of what crypto entertainment means. My Friend, Grimace, is the first ever live action series created around a cryptocurrency and developed and directed by a film industry veteran from projects such as The Revent, Warcraft, Mazerunner, and Star Trek: Beyond.

Meet The Team


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Disclaimer: Creators and maintainers of GrimaceCoin are not liable for any loss when trading this cryptocurrency token. Nothing on this page is financial advice. None of the information on this website should be construed as providing legal or financial advice. Please note there are always risks associated with smart contracts. Please use it at your own risk. GrimaceCoin is not a registered broker, analyst, or investment advisor. If you are willing to purchase $Grimace, you agree that you are not purchasing a security or investment. The GrimaceCoin team can not be held liable for any losses or taxes you may incur.  Do your due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.




For quick assistance message an admin in the official telegram group.

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